Years of Disarray for the third time but again differently

On June 28, 2019 the Bratislava City Gallery has launched the third rerun of the exhibition ’Years of Disarray 1908–1928. Avant-gardes in the Cetral Europe’. Once again the gallery presents to its visitors a transformation process of fine arts or visual art to be more precise in the given period in the Central Europe. Although the topic of the exhibition does not change, the appearance of the exhibition is always adjusted to the environment in which it is presented at the moment. The installation of each exhibition rerun is altered to stress specifics of artistic situation it is capturing.

Slovak rerun of the exhibition ’Years of Disarray 1908–1928. Avant-gardes in the Cetral Europe’ (June 28 – October 27, 2019) represents around 300 artworks (paintings, sculptures, prints, but also graphic designs of magazines, books or posters) on three floors of the Mirbach Palace. On the ground floor and on the second floor visitors can see twelve thematically and chronologically arranged exhibition chapters. In the attic there is an educational zone including a space for screening of films created in the given period.

“Compared to previous two exhibitions in Olomouc and Krakow, the rerun of the Bratislava City Gallery is strengthened in the area of Slovak avant-garde, and especially by artworks from the circle of so called Košice modernism. We managed to do some changes and gained exceptional loans of artworks by Stanisław Ignac Witkiewicz, Władysław Strzemiński or Jindřich Štýrský,” emphasised specifics of the Slovak exhibition project coordinator Šárka Belšíková.

Thus a sensitive installation inside the walls of the baroque palace provides another stirring perspective on the central European avant-garde. The exhibition will be presented at the Mirbach Palace of the Bratislava City Gallery until June 27, 2019. Then it will be moved to its last stop which is the city of Pécs in Hungary.