Through Europe by Train

The international exhibition project Years of Disarray 1908–1928 presented not only the treasure of the avant-garde art of Central Europe. Besides that, there was a rich accompanying programme for the public, too, including education zones enriching the installations of the exhibition in the particular institutions.

The lectors of the four partner institutions got related thanks to their close cooperation on the international programme focused on work with secondary school students, which took place during two school years in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. This common project created a natural platform for sharing experience even in the frame of the education activities for the domestic public. The self-service zones, created for all four re-runs of the exhibition, kept in this way a common uniformity.

The topic of the first education zone created in Olomouc Museum of Art in autumn 2018 was the communication. Its core was presented as a large map of Central Europe with cross-cutting national borders from before and after 1918. On this map, the visitors were invited to build railways from wooden bricks and so to connect the European cultural centres. This education zone also included an interactive radio studio and a timeline inspired by a photo album presenting the historical events of 1908 – 1928 and personal stories of this time period.

This map with the railway kit travelled than in the following months to Cracow, Bratislava and Pécs and became the heart of the education zones there. Each education team completed the basic concept with new elements according to the character of the programmes, as these zones were used not only by the individual visitors, but they served as well as backgrounds for the school groups, family workshops, lectures and other public events.