The VARY(ACE) films were presented during Czech film festivals

Such an extraordinary project as Years of Disarray deserves an extraordinary accompanying programme. A part of this programme in Olomouc Museum of Art was the film show VARY(ACE) connecting the exhibition with top Czech filmmakers and film amateurs.

The workshop VARY(ACE) was running for several weeks and was designed for amateur film makers who got the unique possibility to cooperate with the best actors and supervisors of camera, editing, script and film music. Their task was to create short film inspired by the two chapters of the exhibition: The Lonely Self and Catharsis. The workshop was completed by a ceremonial evening in Theatre of Music of the Olomouc Museum of Art where three films were on show; all of them were created under supervision of the music producer and composer Jan P. Muchow, film director and screen writer Petr Zelenka and the cameraman Jan Malíř.  “After this premiere, we could notice a very positive feedback of the audience. Therefore we decided to offer the movies to Czech dramaturges of film festivals,” remembers the co-author of the project David Hrbek.

All three films were presented during the opening traditional film show Young Camera Uničov on March 29, 2019. This film show presents short films of young producers under 30. The youngest participant of our project was Daniel Dandul, who is 16 and is author of the movie based on his fathers´ screenplay Guru, where Jan Dolanský and Petra Špalková starred. “For me, the VARY(ACE) project enabled a great opportunity to cooperate with the professionals. Just to handle the 12-man crew was a real challenge for me,” the young director admitted. In the second movie directed by Štěpán Vranešic “Let´s put it down all” starred Miroslav Krobot and Pavel Liška. Liška starred together with Barbora Poláková in the third movie as well. It was created by Filip Křivánek and called Václav. “I was surprised, that Petr Zelenka barely intervened into the screenplay and also how we edited the lines on stage with Pavel Liška and Bára Poláková later. That was a really interesting experience,” appreciated Filip Křivánek.  

The VARY(ACE) project was presented even during other Czech film festivals. At REC FEST Zlín in April 2019 the movie Let´s put it down all was on show. The visitors of Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště got the opportunity to see the movie Václav. “Nowadays we are trying to get the movies on the TV channel ČT ART. Moreover, the movies will be online soon, too,adds David Hrbek.