Stories of the “years of disarray” enriched the Wikipedia

The international meeting in Bratislava provided many creative workshops and new experiences as well as an evaluation of the two-month-work of the particular teams. During the whole programme, the students acquired knowledge with particular stories from the time period 1908 a 1928. Among others, the results of their research are the four new entries in Wikipedia.

During their preparation for the international meeting, the students have, in cooperation with their mentors (teachers and lecturers) selected a socio-historical topic matching with the time period of the travelling exhibition Years of Disarray 1908 – 1928: Avant-gardes of Central Europe which is at the same time given by its national or regional nature. “Our main goal is to support students in critical work and thinking about various information resources and to show them how to interpret a chosen topic from a personal view. Students get some new experience in research and they learn how to work with information in a creative way as well; moreover, we help them find out, how to present all the results to the audience and to general public,” explains the lector and author of the education programme concept, Terezie Čermáková.

Which topics were on focus in this year?

Gymnázium Olomouc – Hejčín (CZE)

Puppet Theatre Kašpárkova říše

Kašpárkova říše is an art society established in 1920 in Olomouc and it belongs to one of the biggest organisations of its kind in Czech Republic. It is a puppet theatre working with many age groups. During its existence, it has presented many plays especially with fairy-tale focus, but there were several plays including political topics and focused on adult public, too. 

VII Prywatne Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Mikołaja Reja w Krakowie (PLN)

Avant-Garde Typography

Avant-Garde Typography is a European strand of typography typical for the 1920’s and 30’s. Having started out in Eastern Europe, it spread out to other cities around the continent. This artistic style was aiming for messages to be short and clear; often the content was less important to the author than the art piece’s presence. Avant-Garde typography strongly influenced typography as we know it and has left an irreversible mark on applied arts. 

School for Exceptionally Talented Children and the Grammar School (SVK)

Balls of the Bratislava Arts Association

The Slovak team picked the topic of the balls of Bratislava Art Society, which took place annually between 1921 and 1929. The students decided to present this not well known part of the society´s activity, as it is closely connected with the city life and it offers an interesting point of view on the culture of this time period.

Pécsi Apáczai Csere János (ANK) Grammar School (HUN)

Ady, Bartók and The Eight

The Wikipedia article of the Hungarian students deals with the friendship of The Eights (famous artists), Endre Ady (well-known poet of the time) and Béla Bartók. The representatives of the different art forms met mostly in Paris at the time, and their interesting relationship definitely had a fruitful effect on each other's work.