Languages of Old Bratislava

Jozef Tancer, author of the successful book ‘Rozviazané jazyky’, introduced visitors of the Bratislava City Gallery a unique language situation in the city after the First World War.

Concerning the diversity of nationalities and religions, was Bratislava city unique in the context of Central European? Also this question was answered by Germanist Jozef Tancer during his lecture ‘Languages of Old Bratislava’ which took place in the premises of the Mirbach Palace on Wednesday October 2, 2019. The lecture was prepared by the Bratislava City Gallery as a part of the accompanying programme for the current exhibition ‘Years of Disarray 1908–1928. Avant-gardes in the Central Europe’. The unique lecture about a linguistic diversity and a socio-political context of the era was complemented by sound recordings of witnesses who used Slovak, Hungarian and German language in their everyday speech.

Bratislava in the rhythm of Charleston...

The Bratislava City Gallery offered visitors of the ‘Years of Disarray 1908–1928’ exhibition one more unconventional event – a dance workshop ‘This is not Swing’. Its participants could experience the atmosphere of the First Czechoslovak Republic ball with the professional guidance of choreographer Ján Kubriczký.