The Krakow exhibition counts down the last ten days

A unique ‘Years of Disarray 1908–1928’ exhibition project is coming to its end at the International Culture Centre in Krakow. Those interested in the Polish rerun of the exhibition have the last ten days to visit it.

The International Culture Centre in Krakow became the second stop of the ‘Years of Disarray 1908–1928’ traveling exhibition in March. The exhibition opening was held at Olomouc Museum of Art on September 29, 2018. This rich and varied exhibition featured more than 170 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints by Central European artists and also a great selection of unique avant-garde art magazines, publications, posters, folders, film scripts, and photographs. The Krakow exhibition enters now, after three successful months, the final week.

A ceremonial finissage with an interesting accompanying programme is prepared on the last day of the exhibition, on Sunday June 9. The visitors can admire the best of the Central European avant-garde and experience guided tours in Polish, Ukrainian and English. Families with children can look forward to a creative workshop from the series ‘MINIencounters with art’, this time dedicated to futurism.

The next stop of the ‘Years of Disarray 1908–1928’ exhibition will be Bratislava City Gallery, where the exhibition will be open to the public from June 28, 2019.