In the Middle of Interest: AUDIENCE

On Wednesday, 27th November 2019, the Creative Europe introduced during the conference In the Middle of Interest: AUDIENCE several inspiring examples of how a cultural organisation can work with public. There were 12 Czech cultural organisations presenting their project in the Edison Filmhub Cinema of Prague; among them ArtCoMe wasn´t missing.

The work with the audience is one of the priorities of the EU programme Creative Europe focused on cultural and creative branches. The Office of Creative Europe – Culture periodically prepares conferences providing platforms for sharing experience among particular institutions.

The 5th Annual Conference In the Middle of Interest: AUDIENCE presented twelve miscellaneous examples of working with public from the view of regional galleries, well-established cultural organisations, as well as local, communal and international projects. Tereza Čermáková, one of the coordinators of the ArtCoMe project, presented the experience with its international education programme connecting high school students from Olomouc, Cracow, Bratislava and Pécs. This project was at the same time supported by the grant of the Creative Europe funds.