ArtCoMe (not only) for students

The international education programme of the project ArtCoMe is focused mainly on high school students from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. During two school years, they together build a platform to meet, work and interpret the topic of the travelling exhibition Years of Disarray 1908-1928. Partner schools together with teachers and museum lectors are involved too, as they form a team of the students´ mentors. Have a look how the teachers and coordinators evaluate their experience with ArtCoMe.

Eva Jurečková │ Olomouc Museum of Art

Project Manager

What does ArtCoMe mean for me?

The ArtCoMe project is not just one of many which I have been dealing with. ArtCoMe gave me the chance to meet many interesting people; their enthusiasm led to successful realisation of the particular activities and reached the projects challenges.  I enjoyed the most to see students being satisfied and working on themselves and teachers and lectors doing their job with passion.

ArtCoMe is just like a meal composed of many ingredients matching great together.

Anna Wajner │ VII Prywatne Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Mikołaja Reja w Krakowie

Teacher and mentor of Polish group of students

ArtCoMe is a project I have been participating in since the previous school year. As a teacher I experience it as a possibility to guide students through their tasks, observe how they develop their organizational skills and cope with new situations and social encounters. The project taught me different kinds of team dynamics amongst students and, consequently, various ways of motivating and giving guidance when needed. It is refreshing to see my students in a different environment than school. Moreover, a mixture of cultural background of both us - teachers as well as students - makes up a level of education that is crucial for developing cultural sensitivity, which is something that a day-to-day school life might be missing.

Vladislav Malast │ Bratislava City Gallery

Museum educator and coordinator of Slovak group of students

I consider the ArtCoMe project to be a good platform for partnership with other museum institutions engaged in its organization on the one side and for the work with teachers and students to whom the project is intended on the other. Equally necessary is the team work between us, the colleagues in the Bratislava City Gallery. This cooperation on different levels is what I like; and I think it brings to the project particular dynamics. Of course, to experience the team work (and eagerness) of the students themselves is the most beautiful part of it.

At the end of the first year, I observed many emotions mirrored by faces of students including satisfaction of the results they achieved but also regret that the project is for them more or less finished. They were motivated to continue and, indeed, according to Slovak group teacher´s words, some of students had already chosen arts & humanities for their further learning or they follow projects, where their skills obtained by ArtCoMe can be improved as e.g. the work with recourses, the work with public & social network etc.

On the ArtCoMe program I appreciate its much longer and deeper approach to the topic than it used to be in the most of “ordinary” education programmes in the gallery. Thus the work with the school group is much more intensive and this particular approach is not without influence on my own work in the field of museum education.

Last but not least, the exhibition itself – Years of Disarray 1908 – 1928. Avant-gardes in the Central Europe – is a unique project in the form of travel exhibition as well as the generous book. I feel myself to be very much enriched by the exhibition which I could to visit in three countries so far; and I suppose that similar impact this exhibition has also on students involved in the project.

Enikő Bánáti │ ANK Apáczai Csere János Gimnázium, Pécs

Teacher and mentor of Hungarian group of students

It has been an invigorating experience to take part in this endeavour. It has been refreshing to step out from the basic frames of school and studies yet learning so much, broadening our intellectual horizon in a much more laid back atmosphere.

Not only we managed to gain more knowledge about central European avant-garde art but we enjoyed these fascinating exhibitions as well. Let alone the bonus gift of being able to wander around these beautiful, pleasant cities.

In our school systems we, central Europeans, very much lack the chance to be creative. With this project our students and us finally have had the chance to emerge in the flow of creation, which on the one hand brought us – all of us, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian students and teachers- closer to one another also elevated us to be able to see other perspectives.

During working together, we also became very fond of each other. It was so heart-warming to experience the deep rooted cultural and historical bonds that have long connected us. Furthermore, to find even closer ties when learning more about one another.

All in all, I have enjoyed immensely working, being, and taking part in this project. I consider myself lucky having had the chance to do so.

Finally, this project could not have been so successful had it not been to the three organisers of ArtCoMe Jana, Terezie and Eva. I thank them dearly being kind, open, cheerful, encouraging and efficient all the time!