ArtCoMe in Virtual Space

The final international meeting supposed to be held under the auspices of the Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs had to be cancelled due to restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic. The school teams keep on working anyway, and now they prepare their last task for the ArtCoMe project: a virtual exhibition.

“Of course, we all feel very sorry about this situation. Even though we are in touch with the colleagues and students through all school year, the common meetings do have some special atmosphere. They create a great platform for sharing experience, for evaluating the separate preparation of students, but especially for creative work and discovering new attitudes to art interpretation,” said the lector Terezie Čermáková, who was together with the project coordinators in charge of the alternative sollution for final closing of the international education programme.

The students already finished the evaluation of their individual preparation, which took place always on the first day of the meetings. During the preparation, the students focused on lives and fates of the avant-garde artists. Every team has selected one personality and has created a Facebook fan page dedicated to the artist. The evaluation took place this time in the form of shared presentations and the open discussion was replaced by a written reflexion including a lot of inspiration for future projects. The students can make use of their gained knowledge about forms of art and the artists of Central European avant-garde during the last creative task which will enable them to interpret the knowledge and to discover new context. The teams will create virtual exhibitions where the core of every exhibition will be the artist which was in focus during the preparation period. The students will learn how to provide a certain story on selected topic through the works of art.

The participants already have tried to create a model of an exhibition last year. During the meeting in Cracow, they worked in two international teams and designed a model of exhibition space, selected the works to be on show and prepared accompanying PR materials. Here you can find the results of their work.