ArtCoMe in the centre of creative Europe

European Union that inspires! That was the main topic of the public debate held at the Palacký University in Olomouc where the ArtCoMe project was also presented.

Public debate about values, possibilities and in particular about a diversity of international cooperation within the European Union was hosted by Palacký University Art Centre on Monday March 18, 2019. An invitation to debate have accepted member of European parliament Michaela Šojdrová, founder of the Czech Space Research Center Marek Šimčák and also coordinators of the ArtCoMe international educational programme Terezie Čermáková and Jana Macháčková.

'We welcome each opportunity to introduce the idea of the project to the public and share the experience with the international educational programme,' said Jana Macháčková and added: 'Among other things, the debate was focused on the possibilities that European Union and various grant programmes are creating for young people. We also discussed topics as a diversity of Europe's cultural heritage and the importance of solidarity.'