Art – creativity – cooperation for the third time

The Bratislava City Gallery was filled with the creative atmosphere and international cooperation at the last weekend of October. Students from Olomouc, Cracow, Bratislava and Pécs met under the auspices of the ArtCoMe project for the third time.

The Bratislava City Gallery hosted students, teachers, museum lecturers and coordinators of the ArtCoMe project from Friday, October 25 to Monday, October 28, 2019. The Friday programme was dedicated to the presentation of individual student preparation results. Each team was asked to choose and elaborate a social-historical topic focused on national or regional aspects of the time period corresponding with the ‘Years of Disarray 1908–1928’ exhibition. Student groups not only presented their topics to each other, but also shared research and teamwork experience which their preparation required.

Many creative workshops and lectures were prepared for students during the weekend. Under the leadership of lecturers, students had the opportunity to further develop their knowledge about the topic and discover related motives and visual symbols. Within two days they created animated clips, tried the job of a journalist, and designed magazine covers. The Bratislava City Gallery lecturers also prepared a surprise for students – a dance workshop in the style of the First Czechoslovak Republic.

“If I count the opening event for lecturers and teachers in Kroměříž, we meet officially for the fourth time within the international educational programme of the ArtCoMe project. Nevertheless, the Bratislava meeting was a big challenge because new teams of students joined the project,” said the project manager Eva Jurečková. “The possibility to compare this year with last one is of course interesting. Newly engaged students took their work very seriously, just like their colleagues in the previous school year. I think that their enthusiasm and creative approach is also reflected by the originality of outputs that were created at the Bratislava meeting,” added Terezie Čermáková, author of the concept of the educational programme.

Animated student clips are presented on the ArtCoMe YouTube channel.