International Educational Programme

International educational programme aims at stimulating intercultural dialogue about the shared cultural heritage in Europe between students, professionals and general public as equals. The core of the programme is represented by four international student meetings which will be held at each partner institution within years 2018–2020. Directly connected with the travelling exhibition, the programme works with the time frame 1908–1928 to encourage its participants to find individual stories behind the historical events.

Students will learn to critically evaluate information spread via various networks and sources in constantly changing European environment and to form a subjective opinion on the topic. At the same time they will gain first-hand experience with research of various sources of information, their processing through creative work and results presentation to the public.

Professionals as well as general public will watch students’ work via new media and social networks. This will appeal to the audience to comment activities, search for more information, attend the exhibition and national educational programmes to gain first-hand experience with works of art.