International Cultural Centre Cracow

Years of Disarray 1908–1928. Avant-gardes in the Central Europe

International Cultural Centre Cracow

The International Cultural Centre was founded in 1991. Our mission is to support cultural integration in Europe and to protect its cultural heritage. The institution focuses on the areas of cultural heritage theory, philosophy and management, remembrance, identity, the cultural space, art and heritage of Central Europe, dialogues between cultures, the city as a mirror of civilisation, cultural policy and culture economics.

International Cultural Centre, Rynek Główny 25, 31-008 Kraków,


  • Main organizer:
    International Cultural Centre Cracow
  • Author of the conception:
    Karel Srp, Lenka Bydžovská (Czech Republic)
  • Exhibition supervision:
    Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik, Łukasz Galusek (Poland)
  • Curator:
    Monika Rydiger (Poland)
  • Cooperation:
    Anna Śliwa (Poland), Małgorzata Dziedzic (Poland), Karolina Wójcik (Poland), Zsófia Kiss-Szemán (Slovakia), Tünde Pusztai (Hungary), György Varkonyi (Hungary)
  • Coordination of the project:
    Šárka Belšíková, Anežka Šimková (Czech Republic)
  • Co-organizers:
    Olomouc Museum of Art, Bratislava City Gallery, Janus Pannonius Museum in Pecs
  • Exhibition design:
    Anna Wisz (Poland)
  • Support of the project:
    European union | V 4 | Governments and ministries of culture of the participating countries